Align people & Business

Align people’s work with the business priorities. Help people create value and not transactions.

Enable performance

Drive performance accountability in your organisation. Creating a culture of ownership.

Build effective managers

Enabling managers to become coaches and manage their teams better. Create a culture of coaching, feedback and development.

Introducing India's first digitised team level OKR's

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a management tool that brings in discipline to achieve executional excellence aligned with organisation and CEO’s priorities

OKR is adopted by leading organisations across the world such as Google, Uber, Sears Holdings, Vox Media, Zynga to drive accountability and ownership among employees for achieving operational excellence.


Reasons why you need qilo to enable a high-performance work culture in your organization

1. Increase speed of
business execution

2. Drive ownership and

3. Align individual goals to
organisational goal

4. Abolish follow-up

5. Break organisational
silos, politics and

6. Real-time
feedback & coaching

7. Recognise,
collaborate and
celebrate success

Connect the dots...

Analytics - Leadership Dashboard

Important decisions are not made on what’s happening, they are made on what’s going to happen. And qilo’s solution empowers you with relevant data to take key business decisions.

Culture Index

Science behind our platform is our proprietary 13-dimension culture model, which comprises of Leadership, Goal Integration, Talent Engagement, Participation, Performance, Organisational Structure, Professionalism, Innovation, Engaged Work Environment, Decision Making, Conflict Management, Customer Centricity and Communication. Read more

Get real-time culture, performance & engagement data.

Let’s help you create a culture of high-performance in your organisation