Qilo | About us

qi In traditional Chinese culture, qì or ch’I – described as a "life force".

lo लो is the Hindi word for accept.

We believe employees are the qi of an organisation, harnessing it will take it you to the next realm


Our Promise The impact we want to create for you!

About the product

Enterprise technology solution comprising of Performance Enablement, Performance Measurement, Collaboration, Goal Management, Managerial Effectiveness, Engagement, Insights, Contentious Feedback, Recognition,Leadership Communication channel, Social Learning, Gamification & robust real-time Analytics.


Helping organisation create a performance based engaged work culture. In 2015 we launched qilo work place culture study covering 10,000+ professionals and the findings of this study formed the science behind our solution.

What’s unique to us

Real-time performance enablement, culture index & engagement, built on qilo’s proprietary 13-dimension model.

Let’s help you create a culture of high-performance in your organization