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Enabling a high performance work culture


Aligning everyone

Align teams with CEO’s objectives!

To achieve a vision, you need the entire team to be directionally aligned and that happens only when there is two-way communication. Our leadership connect channel helps teams to get aligned with organizational priorities and outperform their work with the intent of contributing to the larger picture. Share your organization's vision, drive core values and behaviours critical for business. Identify your brand advocates and evangelist. Drive inclusion, build bottom up market intelligence channel.

Build your clan and enable people to work towards value creation and not just transactions

Drive Performance Accountability

Enable performance not just measure!

Our revolutionary performance enablement module "Achieve" helps you create & assign smart objectives, manage and monitor progress real-time. Get everyone in the organization aligned to CEO’s business priorities. Achieve is built on OKR methodology (Objective & Key Results) which aligns everyone's work with the larger organizational objectives. Now, no follow-ups and running around for goal creation or updation, unique Check-in functionality empowers managers and team members to give continuous feedback on Objectives and Milestones.

Enable teams to perform better and build a behavior of  ownership, planning & professionalism

Celebrate Success!

Social recognization with a twist 

Nothing motivates a team member better than a pat on the back from the manager or a colleague. Our behavioral appreciation functionality allows you to build a culture of recognition. Define the business critical behaviors and empower employees to recognize each other by sharing success stories. Crowdsource behavioral assessment.  What’s more, you can see an organizational leader board of top receivers and givers as well as identify the levels/departments which are not participating.

Now, setting up a recognition program is faster than cooking instant noodles!

Build Managerial Effectiveness

Transform managers to coaches

Managers are the torchbearers of culture, an employee experiences' organization's culture through his/her manager's insights and get’s culture conditioned. Two-way continuous feedback is the secret behind a winning team. Define the frequency, discussion contours and drive participation via technology. Identify HIPOts, drive a culture of feedback!

Don’t let feedback conversations become just a tick in a box

Facilitate Innovation!

Knowledge increases four-fold when shared!

Learning patterns across the world are changing. People consume content in bite sizes, thus social or collaborative learning drives consumption. Encourage employees to share knowledge and collaborate with peers. Get access to the next big idea brewing amongst your team member and most importantly facilitate ideas, knowledge sharing and drive engagement.

Smallest opportunity has a potential to can create big impact!

If you can't measure it, you can't improve it.

- Peter Drucker

Tangibilizing the intangibles is what helps you take the right decision. Important decisions are not made on what's happening, they are made of what is going to happen. Our robust analytics dashboard presents information for effective decision making. Get real-time data on Performance, Culture, Managerial Effectiveness, Engagement, Behaviors & Participation. Slice and dice the data as per your wish to derive the right inferences.

Let’s help you create a culture of high-performance in your organization