Our Solution

Achieve Priorities

Operationalising CEO’s priorities to digital
process, action & results for achieving excellence in execution.

Align Culture

Align teams with your purpose and
increase level of commitment.

Continuous Feedback

Uberizing the feedback & coaching
for better business output.

Who We Help

For CEO's Office

Align teams with CEOs strategic priorities. Track achievement real-time and identify who is creating value and who is not!

For Sales and Operations leaders

Drive behaviour of planning and accountability in teams. Make target achievement a habit and build winning teams.


Create a high performing work culture. Enable continuous feedback for teams members to drive business results and individuals growth.

7 Reasons Why You Need qilo

  • Increase speed of business execution
  • Drive ownership and accountability
  • Align individual goals to organisational goal
  • Abolish follow-up syndrome
  • Break organisational silos, politics and conflicts
  • Real-time performance feedback & coaching
  • Recognise, collaborate and celebrate success