We're an innovative company working relentlessly on bringing strategy execution closer to teams & individual performance. Our AI-driven Performance Enablement Platform aligns team(s) and individuals with the action plan of your business priorities. Plus it helps you to drive critical behaviors that matter every day at work to enable high-performance culture.

The 3 elements of Performance Enablement

Agile Goals

Bring business priorities closer to team & individual performance

Culture Alignment

Align teams with your purpose & increase level of commitment

Continuous Feedback

Uberizing the feedback for better business output

Who We Help

For CEO's Office

Align teams with CEOs strategic priorities. Track achievement real-time and identify who is creating value and who is not!

For Sales and Operations leaders

Drive behaviour of planning and accountability in teams. Make target achievement a habit and build winning teams.


Create a high performing work culture. Enable continuous feedback for teams members to drive business results and individuals growth.

7 Reasons Why You Need qilo

  • Increase speed of business execution
  • Drive ownership and accountability
  • Align individual goals to organisational goal
  • Abolish follow-up syndrome
  • Break organisational silos, politics and conflicts
  • Real-time performance feedback & coaching
  • Recognise, collaborate and celebrate success