The First Integrated

Organization Performance Platform

Helping Business Leaders drive Companies’ Growth Strategy better,
by enhancing Alignment, Accountability and Execution using a unified digital Platform
powered by Behaviour Science and Machine Learning.

What is qilo

qilo leverages behaviour science and machine learning to help companies perform better


Bring focus beyond leadership teams on what needs to be achieved for growth


Enhance Accountability in Teams & Individuals on what needs to be achieved, How it be achieved and Who Owns it

Accelerate Execution

View How are we doing in Execution are we in the right direction or need alternative path

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Who we help

CEO's Office

We align teams with CEOs strategic priorities.  We track achievement in real-time and identify who is creating and adding value and who is not.

Sales and Operations leaders

We drive the behaviour of planning and accountability in teams. We make achieving targets a regular habit and build winning teams.


We work to create a high performing work culture.  And enable continuous feedback for team members to drive business results and individuals growth.

7 Reasons Why You Need qilo

  • Increase speed of business execution
  • Drive ownership and accountability
  • Align individual goals to organisational goal
  • Abolish follow-up syndrome
  • Break organisational silos, politics and conflicts
  • Real-time performance feedback and coaching
  • Recognise, collaborate and celebrate success