Building your employer brand

In today’s business environment it’s imperative for businesses to build a high performance based work culture. To do so, you need a powerful EVP – a free-flowing connector between the brand, the business and people. A powerful EVP enables organisations to attract the right people to deliver the right values in the right way.

Everything starts with the brand.

The idea is to create a performance based culture that not only asks of but allows people to ‘live the brand’.This is done through attracting the right talent, constantly engaging with them and eventually making them the evangelists for the brand.

Attraction: Signaling the change, creating awareness and drawing attention and interest for the brand. Building on the motivators and differentiators

Engagement: Forming an emotional or rational attachment between talent and brand.

Advocacy: Ensuring an experience, which builds positive cognitive and emotional affirmation that in turn encourages word of mouth advocacy.

Measurement of an engaged talent force, has to be on a continuous basis. A robust and scientific Culture Audit is one of the key tools , to evaluate employee engagement levels with brand. Employer Brand Perception is also a great way to measure how engaged the current talent is and how potential talent perceives the brand.

Fostering an engaged culture in the workplace is not a one-time effort. Companies whose engagement statistics improve after a particular effort aren’t done with the task. Rather, it’s important to measure engagement periodically.

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