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Enable a productive environment to perform.

When it comes to performance and productivity, measurement is the word which pops ups. What about enablement?

Creating an environment to perform is the investment we need to make- measurement is an outcome.

Taking a cue from India’s participation and results in Olympics, the discussion is always on the number of medals not on building an ecosystem, which enables performance.

Similarly, in teams, today review conversions have superseded coaching conversations. Which leads to transactions, not value! The questions we have to ask -are we enabling performance of our team members or just measuring outcome?

At qilo, we did a work place culture study, wherein we asked people what does it take you to perform in an organisation. Two most important factors and dimensions, which came out, were alignment and coaching.

Clear direction, defined roles and continuous coaching and feedback enable performance. Critical areas we miss out in while driving and focusing on transactions.

Performance measurement is an output – Enablement is an input.

Focus on input outcome will definitely be great!

Wise Man – Home Sapiens

Flipping pages of Yuval Noah’s Spaiens made me realise; one of the primary reasons for humans to survive has been hunger of constant evolution and to become a dominant race

Adapting with changing times, identifying threats and innovating survival strategies. Our agility and responsiveness towards constant evolution have ensured our survival for long. These traits have become part of consciousness and DNA

However, when we try to map these to organisation’s DNA – which is the culture. In some cases, it does not map with the DNA of the wise men.

Suddenly evolution becomes an effort and teams are too lazy to change. The hunger to become a dominant force get’s overpowered by complacency and mediocrity. Till the time we do not get a threat of extinction, we keep on procrastinating.

But, the organisations, which challenges the legacy, work’s for the future readiness, acknowledges evolution and drives these behaviours as a way of life – Performs and evolves. Rest all survives till the time they can.

Build organisations’, which performs and evolves or get ready to be extinct!

Feedback !

Feedback is breakfast of champions. Feedback is for those you are hungry for success. Feedback is for those who never settle on ordinary. Feedback is for those to want to strive for growth.

If feedback is so good, why does it lead to conflicts?

It’s because people do not know how to give feedback and people do not know how to receive feedback.

Behaviours expected from the feedback givers are off coaching, leadership, and empathy. Behaviour expected from the receiver is of learning.

Wherein in reality behaviour exhibited by giver is like an authoritarian and of an assessee is; I know it all.

The problem is much bigger than just receiving or giving feedback. The challenge is of lack of trust and belief between leader and subordinate.

Leaders have to first display a coaching behaviour and lead by example before even giving feedback. You have to pitch yourself as a leader first and ensure that you succeed in pitching.

The day you do correct this core and build managerial effectiveness – You will have a culture of constructive feedback conversations.

Build leaders first before building feedback culture…

Is it skill, will or something else?

One of biggest challenges leaders are facing today is of talent management. How do you drive individuals with different gratification needs, stage of life?

So is it skill, will or something else?

It’s about your culture

It all boils down to the Organization culture, beliefs and attitudes. At business our focus is primarily on transactions, the big question is how do you drive value.

If you look at enterprise landscape globally there is a feeling of disbelief and lack of trust between leadership and the workforce.

The problem is not with the workforce, it’s at the leadership level till the time that not resolved, organizations will continue to find it challenging to unlock value potential.

Skill can be imparted on job and will, can be only be aligned

  1. A) If you show the big picture
  2. B) Give directions

C)Acknowledge efforts.

Culture can not be outsourced you have to live it everyday !