Communicate your Intent for Culture Change

We started qilo with the purpose of –  “How we can help the organizations perform better, every day”.  If the market conditions are good, demand for your product/service is there, but your company is not able to perform better and increase the market share, your work culture might be the core problem, that needs to be fixed.

With organization culture, we mean – a culture where people look forward to coming at work every day- even on Mondays, a culture where employee put company performance as a top priority and a culture where every employee can feel and behave like a CEO.

Fixing the culture cannot be achieved in a day or a month or a quarter. It will take years if you have messed it up already. And changing the culture, starts with addressing 3 basic pillars

  1. Intent: The intent of change comes from the CEO. If the intent to change is not there, nobody can do anything.
  2. Communication: When the intent is there, the next step for the CEO is to constantly communicate the intent of the change in the form of stories.
  3. Technology:  The third pillar is to utilize the technology to implement the change at scale.

We were getting nostalgic when we watched the below video today. And we are proud that we are still sticking to our core purpose and helping our customers in implementing the culture change at scale.