Demystifying Culture

An organization is like a tribe, with a clan leader deciding who should be part of his tribe and what values should each tribe member live everyday.

Cultures are all about alignment of each and every member, to the vision of the clan leader and build a robust ecosystem. Where each member contributes, his or her role in the tribe to the best of potential.

Survive and compete with other tribes is one of the biggest challenge for the clan leader, he ensures that he has a team of agile, strong and smart army. So the tribe invests in development !

A good tribe thrives on collaboration; roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and each and every tribe member has to contribute.

Clan leader has to ensure that, each member is happy, motivated and taken care of. Tribes create their own rituals, to bond and celebrate every occasion. Rituals is in fact an inevitable component of culture

Conflict resolution – everything escalates to the clan leader for resolution and the final decision is, accepted by all in the right spirit.

Historically tribes, which have excelled well, have had great clan leaders with clear vision and ensuring alignment of each and every member with the vision, roles and responsibilities.

Well, tribes today have been replaced by organizations, but fundamentals of survival and growth remains the same.

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