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Grow your business without compromising on delivery

A 20-year-old knowledge service firm wanted to eat, breathe and live superior performance.

The firm is one of the esteemed and most sought after names in its field of operations, with a leader who is extremely passionate about the brand and people. What was deterring though, was the attitude of the team towards performance. They were doing good, but it had to be great. Some of the high performers were not in line with the beliefs of the organisation and thus were not able to create the right set of values for business. View PDF

Being creative is great but business needs performance

An advertising agency running for more than 15 years needed to up their game to remain competitive.

Business was not the challenge, the team had to build performance efficiencies and develop a behaviour of planning and discipline. The leader being a creative person himself, wanted to change the culture of the organisation to impact business. View PDF

Re inventing for the 2nd innings

A 15-year old IT organisation in its prime had an envious culture, was now on a lookout for culture 2.0

This challenger brand in IT infrastructure in the last 5 years has been pinned down with people exhibiting negative behaviors like complacency,
delayed decision making and lack of ownership While the people were working for completing tasks and were doing transactions, business value was never unlocked. View PDF

People performance velocity not in tune with business expansion velocity

A new age media company, with 100x growth was unable to sync people performance with business aspirations.

A classic case in today’s businesses is to have fast turnaround time and threefold growth aspirations. While pace is sought after, it is critical that everyone in the organisation moves at the same speed, and together. The leadership is passionate about people and has intent, but employees lack the behaviour and attitude. View PDF

Multiple organisations operating under one workplace

A new age FMCG company, needed to be faster and more agile than its competitors to survive in the market.

Yes this happens, and in our subconscious mind we know it's true with many organisations. These different organisations reside in various departments. This mid-sized FMCG company was facing the same challenge. Team conflicts were an everyday routine. While business was growing, lack of collaboration was pulling them behind. View PDF