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Tradition Performance Management is Dead;
Further is about Performance Enablement


Agile Performance Management

The tradition performance management is dead. Over the year the performance management has become a checklist activity, increasingly bureaucratic, costly and adds no-value to the company, managers and employee growth.

At qilo, we believe that Performance Management Process should be company-performance centric. If its not adding value to organization performance, your Performance Management is NOT performing.

Bring Business Performance Closer to Performance Management

The Future of Performance Management
  Traditional Approach to Performance Management qilo Way
Design Thinking Compliance & Compensation Business Performance, Employee Development, Compliance & Compensation
Goal-Setting Framework Subjective, Yearly Goal Posts Agile Goals/OKR/BSC/Hoshin Kanri
Goal Progress Update Mid-Year, End of Year Monthly/Quarterly/Bi-Yearly/Yearly
Analytics & Insights No to low level of insights for employees Insights on Month By Month Performance
Employee Raking Assessment based annual approach Real-time, you are ready for ranking, compensation and promotions, today