qilo | Platform

Platform that helps you to reveal and achieve your company’s bigger picture



  • Bring focus beyond leadership teams on what needs to be achieved for growth.
  • Cascade Annual Operating Plan and Strategic Projects beyond leadership team.
  • Align teams and individuals with your core values and behaviors required for growth.

Integrated with addgoole

Nudging for Habit Formation


  • Bring accountability in teams and individuals on what needs to be achieved and who owns it.
  • Link individual's with companies business priorities using agile goal’s.
  • Reward people meaningfully to open up the entire organization.

Accelerate Execution

  • Drive discipline of execution with agile goals and daily task management.
  • Enhance managerial effectiveness with continuous feedback on execution.
  • Helping managers and department heads identify stars and laggards on real-time basis.


Unlocking Potential



  • AI driven real-time Analytics on;
  • Business Performance, Strategy Execution, People Performance,
  • Behaviours and Culture

Driving Technology Adoption!

The qilo Mantra ( Choice Architecture)
  • Linking Rewards with Performance on Business Execution
  • Behavior Nudges – Gamification and Leaderboards, User Engagement
  • Business Vision and Organization Values Alignment