Qilo | Product


Achieve Priorities

  • Cascade CEO’s priorities into measurable actions for all.
  • AI driven real-time analytics on achievement progress.
  • Enhance accountability & break silos among employees, teams and departments

Align Teams Module

  • Leadership connect to align vision and build belongingness and advocacy
  • Social recognition to drive organisation’s values as a way of life.
  • Enhance innovation and learning through social knowledge sharing

Continuous Feedback

  • 1-o-1’s: bring context and framework to employee & manager conversation
  • Upward Feedback: enhance managerial effectiveness
  • Peer Feedback: capture peer feedback on every project closure
  • JIT Feedback: just-in-time feedback after a big client pitch or product launch or meeting
  • 360 Degree: holistic view on employees overall performance that lead to action


AI driven real-time analytics on business Achievement, efficiencies and people