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Bridge the Gap between your Business Strategic Initiatives, Projects and Execution


qilo’s Strategic Project Execution Solution

Bring agility to your strategic project planning and execution with qilo.

Driving strategy execution is a complex process, at qilo we make it simple. With qilo accelerate the execution of your business growth plans and get real time insights on performance.

qilo bring's business planning, execution, dashboards and people management into one seamless system for better business performance.

Strategy Execution Software

The Future of Strategy Execution

  Traditional Approach to Strategy Execution The qilo Way
Speed Realities in the market calls for a change in strategy, even before the ink dries on a strategic plan. But the traditional process of strategic planning and execution is too slow to adopt to the change. Replace the “big design upfront” annual ritual with more frequent & compressed quarterly strategic priorities that enables iterative execution and correction of strategy
Substance Strategic objectives and projects fails to deliver on their potential because of the disconnect between strategy planners and executers. Get all the people together from several levels and different functions on the same platform who are accountable for thinking and executing the strategy.
Scope Traditional strategic planning and execution process leads to a very low scope of including changes on the fly as learning occurs during execution. View strategic objectives as collection of ideas that needs to be shaped, refined and corrected as you execute the strategy. Debug your strategy on the go and take corrective actions.

Why use qilo’s for Business Strategy Execution ?

Project Portfolio Management Tool

Build Agility to Strategic Plans

Build quarterly/bi-yearly strategic objectives and the respective action plans along with key metrices to reduce the hard-line separation between strategy and execution.

Cascade to Departments

Align people from different departments with strategic objectives/projects. Enhance accountability in execution.

Performance Dashboard

Get real-time Business Insights and analytics on the execution of strategic objectives. Get details on who are executing and who are lagging behind. Bring agility to adjust your strategic priorities based on internal and external realities.

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